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Water Conservation Measures 

Severe Drought Conditions in California

What we're doing.

Skylawn has cut water irrigation usage by 50% due to the severe drought in California. This has, unfortunately, put our grass in a dormant state. We have undertaken massive water conservation measures over the past five years to be prepared for times like these. The work we have done gives us the best chance at keeping our park landscaping  alive. While you won't see the lush landscaping and green grass typical of most summers, please remember that this is temporary and we must do our part to conserve. 

What have we done?Over the past 5 years we have undertaken massive conservation measures, including but not limited to:- Installed drought-tolerant landscaping in new gardens.- Installed artificial turf in specific areas of the park.- Planted specialized drought-tolerant sod that uses 30% less water than traditional varieties.- Switched to more water-efficient sprinkler heads in the cemetery with check valves to prevent runoff.- Replaced the reservoir liner.- Installed leak detection and monitoring equipment.- Performed leak repairs.- Converted manual irrigation sections to smart irrigation.- Installed smart irrigation controllers and irrigation management.

With the current mandated restrictions in place and the possibility of future restrictions, Skylawn is watering just enough to keep the grass alive and most lawns will remain in a dormant state until drought conditions improve. 

What does this mean for you?

We cannot water beyond what is allowed under the current restrictions. Therefore, we will not be able to honor any requests to water specific areas or replace grass until the conservation mandates are lifted. Keep in mind that brown grass does not equal dead grass. We are confident that most of the areas will come back as soon as we are allowed to increase our water usage.

We appreciate your understanding during these times, as we must all do our part.

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