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Necessary Steps: What to do Immediately Following a Loss

When a loved one dies, it's easy to feel lost or confused about what happens next. Especially if the death was unexpected or if there's no plan in writing, it can be difficult to navigate this unfamiliar terrain.  

At Skylawn Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory, we want to be here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that as soon as a death occurs, we can walk you through what comes next.  

The first step is to provide us with essential information, including the person's legal name, date of birth, and whether he or she was under the care of a doctor or hospice. We'll need the name and relationship of the next of kin, and we'll need to know whether the person is ready to be transferred into our care. If you or other family members are with the person who has died, we'll provide you with our approximate time of arrival.  

One of our compassionate, caring experts will be with you every step of the way, helping you make arrangements and giving you guidance when you need it. We can help you make special plans if your loved one was a veteran or a member of a fraternal organization. We'll also notify Social Security of your loved one's death, and help you navigate the necessary paperwork.  

Many of these details can be handled at what's called the arrangement conference. At this time, we'll help you determine who to notify of the death. We'll also help you plan a meaningful service to honor your loved one's life, from a final resting place to the mood of the service to Memorialization Options.  

It can be overwhelming, especially during a time of such stress, for loved ones to make these decisions. If you'd like to spare them this difficult task when you die, we can help you to preplan. That way, you can make all your own decisions about how your end-of-life arrangements will proceed, including all the little details that make a funeral service unique.  

Whether you have an immediate need or are preplanning for the future, Skylawn Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory can help. Call (650) 227-3142 for more information.

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