Why Choose Cremation? 

Although burial has traditionally been the preferred option in the United States, cremation is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, cremation outpaced burial in this country in 2015, and the trend is continuing. Is it the right option for you?

Some people worry that their faith will prohibit them from being cremated, but in fact, many organized religions now acknowledge the practice as an acceptable option. Other people shy away from cremation because they feel it will limit their options or prevent family members from properly honoring them after they’ve died. The reality is, cremation offers more flexibility than you might expect.

  • There are many options for a service. You can plan to have a service before the cremation or after, with the casket or the urn present, or neither. You can also delay the service to accommodate family who may have to travel to be there.
  • Cremation offers many different options, including traditional burial. Many people don’t realize that you can have both cremation and burial, but it’s done often. Other options include glass-front niches, columbarium, cremation boulders and bench estates.
  • Cremation doesn’t mean you have to forgo memorialization or a “final resting place. Having a focal point for memorialization is important for families. It’s comforting for your loved ones to have a place to go to honor you while they remember, reflect and pay their respects.

When you’re deciding if cremation is the right choice for you, consider putting it in writing to avoid confusion for your loved ones after you’re gone. Preplanning means you can choose every aspect of your final arrangements and be confident your wishes will be followed, whether you prefer burial or cremation, specific music and readings, and even special services such as a dove release or a memorial tribute DVD.

When you preplan, you’re also doing something thoughtful for your family because they will be relieved of the burden of answering difficult questions during an already painful time in their lives.

For nearly 60 years, Skylawn Memorial Park has been helping families face the death of a loved one, and we’ve built a solid reputation on quality, sincerity and trust. Whether you have an immediate need or you’d like to preplan for your own end-of-life arrangements, we can help. Call us at (650) 227-3142 for more information or visit our Plan Ahead page to request your preplanning guide.

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