Reasons to Plan a Green Burial

A green burial is a thoughtful way to honor the memory of a cherished loved one. To arrange a funeral that is eco-friendly, families generally choose the options that will least impact the environment and use minimal natural resources. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to plan a green burial is that it is a respectful and thoughtful way to say goodbye to your loved one. Your loved one may have wanted a green burial if he or she loved animals, tended to a garden, enjoyed outdoor sports, or exhibited concern for the Earth’s natural resources.

For some families, a green burial is a way of honoring the traditions of their ancestors. Today’s modern green burials reflect the pre-industrial traditions found in funeral ceremonies in previous eras. Additionally, green burials are often a natural way to honor religious funeral preferences, such as Muslim and Jewish traditions.

In all that we do, Skylawn Memorial Park is committed to helping families design the funeral ceremony that best reflects the life of their lost loved one.

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