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Mausoleum in the Sky

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Leave a Lasting Legacy & Save up to 50%

Mausoleum in the Sky provides families with an eternal resting spot to surround themselves in beauty and natural wonder. 

Put a plan in place now, and for a limited time take advantage of incredible discounts* that can make this exclusive property a beautiful legacy for generations to come. 

  •    Save up to 50% on glass front niches
  •    Save up to 40% on terrace niches
  •    Save up to 30% on Westminster crypts

Get Your Free Planning Guide & Save up to 50%*

Why Select Mausoleum in the Sky?

  • Peace and Tranquility. Nestled high within the Santa Cruz Mountains, the mausoleum brings in the beauty of nature with endless views of the Pacific Ocean and Half Moon Bay from floor to ceiling windows, skylights and stained glass throughout. 
  • Worry-Free Environment. Families never have to worry about rain, wind or unseasonably hot or cold weather with a temperature-controlled environment that keeps visitors comfortable year round.  Memorials are preserved and are never exposed to outdoor elements.
  • Accessibility. Every area within the three-storied mausoleum can be easily accessed by elevator, comfortable seating can be found throughout the building, and the entrance  is right off the main road, which keeps walking to a minimum. 
  • Memorialization Options. There are many different and distinct sections within the mausoleum to allow families to create a beautiful setting that can be designed to each person's wishes, from glass-front niches to private family estates and individual entombments for both full casket burials and cremations. 

special savings offer

Get Your Free
Planning Guide & Save 50%*

Put your final wishes in writing with this personal planning guide and secure incredible discounts at the exclusive Mausoleum in the Sky.

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