One of the most important aspects of end-of-life planning is choosing a final resting place. For previous generations, this was not really an issue: people were buried in the churchyard, in a family plot or even on family land. Today, the choices are so numerous that many people don’t want to invest the energy in trying to decide on a spot — but it’s important to consider your options and make a decision so your family doesn’t have to when the time comes.

People have different reasons for choosing a final resting place, but there are some basic guidelines that might be helpful if you’re not sure how to make a decision.

  • The place you choose should be one that future generations will want to visit. Your final resting place will become a touchpoint for your loved ones in the future. Try to choose a convenient location so it’s easy for them to come and pay their respects.
  • Select a place that has natural beauty and peaceful places to rest and reflect. Before you make a decision, walk the grounds. The setting should be serene and lovely, a place where you can imagine future generations of your family spending time.
  • A memorial park that offers custom family estates might be a good fit for your family. A custom family estate is a small section of a cemetery where several members of the same family are buried. Often, it can be designed according to your specifications, and it’s a great way to provide a tranquil spot to visit loved ones who have passed away and to reflect on the memories you shared.
  • Choose a location that’s not prone to overdevelopment. Sometimes, urban development crowds out a memorial garden. When that happens, the noise of traffic makes reflection nearly impossible.

If you’re shopping around for a final resting place, Skylawn Memorial Park is a spectacular choice. Designed by noted San Francisco landscape artists French and Jones and built in 1959 on more than 134 acres, it has since expanded to more than 500 acres. Skylawn is also surrounded by a nature preserve so its beauty will remain unspoiled for generations. Call (650) 227-3142 today to learn about all we have to offer.