Grief is as unique as the individual experiencing it. Some people may become overwhelmed with sadness. Others can get angry and act out inappropriately — and if you have behaved badly after a loss, you might be wondering how to fix things.

First, take a breath and give yourself credit for trying. It takes courage to face mistakes, and it’s hard to admit when you’ve been wrong. The first thing you should do is assess the damage you may have done to your relationships, without being guarded or defensive. Don’t forget to pay attention to self-inflicted pain: put yourself on the list as worthy of reparation.

Once you have come to terms with what you’ve done, find ways to make amends. Your relationships are important, and even when there is conflict, it’s important to hold friends and family members close while showing understanding and compassion.

Be aware, however, that your attempts at reconciliation won’t always be met with a positive response. Have patience, knowing it can take time to get over the painful actions of someone close. Make sure to use discretion. If your admission of guilt would cause more pain, things may be better left unsaid. You must also realize that sometimes there’s no way to fix what has happened and you may have to learn to live with regret.

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