When a loved one dies, it’s important to mark the passing by honoring the life that was lived. Taking the time to say goodbye allows friends and family to connect with each other and begin the healing process. If you’re in charge of planning a service for a loved one, spend a little while thinking about how best to remember the person and honor his or her life. Customize the service to match your loved one’s personality, incorporating aspects of the things about which he or she felt passionate. Find a final resting place that is meaningful as well as beautiful, and talk to a funeral professional about how to make the service unique.  

Skylawn Memorial Park is a beautiful, tranquil place to choose for your loved one. Additionally, we offer Signature Services℠ to add another dimension to the personalization of a service. Signature Services℠ include but are not limited to: 

  • Dove release: Symbolic of peace, these doves soar into the air in a beautiful and meaningful representation of the flight of your loved one’s soul. 
  • Musical tribute: The soothing sounds of a harp can comfort you as you reflect on the meaningful life of the person you loved.  
  • Legacy Touch thumbprint pendant: Wear your loved one’s thumbprint close to your heart, with this pendant that captures all the unique lines and indentions that belonged to a hand you once held.  
  • American Hero flag case: With a beautiful wood frame, this case protects the flag that once draped your loved one’s casket.  
  • DVD memorial tribute: Played at the service, the viewing, or the reception, a DVD tribute can also be shown to family and friends later, as it’s a keepsake you’ll take home.  
  • Framed portrait: A beautiful likeness of your loved one can be displayed at the service, and later grace your home.  
  • Videographer: The day may pass in a blur, but a professional videographer can capture those meaningful moments that you’ll hold in your heart forever.  
  • Other signature services: These include things like a traditional memorial package, a memorial blanket, and a witness cremation. Call us for more details.  

Signature Services℠ can help you think creatively about how your loved one would want to be remembered. Some of our offerings are not listed here, and sometimes, a client may think of a special touch to add to a funeral service that we haven’t yet considered. We do our best to meet your expectations, so talk to your funeral director if you have other ideas about how we can honor your loved one’s life. You can use the special elements listed as a jumping-off point to help you plan a truly memorable day. 

Skylawn Memorial Park sits on over 500 acres and is surrounded by a wildlife preserve, which means that its vast and expansive beauty will remain unspoiled for many generations to come. If you’re planning end of life services, whether for yourself or a loved one, please visit our beautifully landscaped gardens and talk to our talented staff to discover all that we have to offer. We’re happy to answer questions, talk about our Signature Services℠, or even help you preplan for your own end of life arrangements. Call (650) 227-3142 to learn more.