Almost without exception, funerals used to be somber occasions. People wore dark clothing, the music was often sad and the speeches were long. Today, although funerals are still a time to grieve and honor the person who has died, they are often much more celebratory.

If the idea of celebrating life rather than dwelling on the sadness of loss sounds appealing, you might want to preplan your own end-of-life celebration. There are many ways to incorporate your personality, interests, hobbies and passions into your memorial. You can choose upbeat music, have your personal memorabilia displayed or plan a video tribute. You can ask that people only tell funny stories rather than eulogizing. You can incorporate the release of doves, butterflies or balloons or plan for a Harley hearse, bagpipers or even a mariachi band. Modern funerals can even be staged to look like different settings you held dear, from a kitchen to a sporting event to a backyard barbecue.

Your end-of-life service doesn’t need to be a cookie-cutter experience. It should reflect your unique personality and celebrate the life you lived. When you preplan for your funeral, you can make whatever decisions are necessary to make that happen. The service is yours to plan, from atmosphere to readings to music and more.

There are other benefits of preplanning as well. Planning in advance means making decisions that your family would otherwise have to make during an already stressful time. It removes that extra burden from your family and allows them to focus on what’s really important: comforting each other and grieving your loss. Preplanning is also a great way to protect your loved ones from inflation. When you preplan, you lock in today’s prices even though your need may not occur for many years.

At Skylawn, we’re experts at preplanning. Skylawn Memorial Park, Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematory has been serving the community since 1959, planning many different types of funerals and memorials. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your funeral will be exactly the way you want it — and that your family won’t have to make difficult decisions after you are gone — is priceless. Call (650) 227-3142 today to learn about all we have to offer to request your free preplanning guide.