California is such a beautiful state, it’s not surprising that it also holds some of the most inspiring cemetery properties in the world. One of the most beautiful and inspirational is Skylawn Memorial Park in San Mateo. 

Carefully planned under the direction of feng shui master Clarence Lau, this serene, spiritually uplifting property spans 500 acres with terraces and pavilions providing focal points to enjoy the spectacular views. Each stone and site is positioned to promote the flow of peace and good fortune, and the property is surrounded by a wildlife preserve.   

  • The funeral home at Skylawn is a perfect fit with the natural surroundings. Expansive and welcoming, it features two chapels, as well as a reception area with an outdoor patio and floor-to-ceiling windows that open to a picturesque waterfall and rock garden. Stained glass windows, arched ceilings, and a stacked stone fireplace help give the building a light and spacious atmosphere. 
  • The Mausoleum in the Sky was designed by Aaron Green. Green was known as the West Coast representative of Frank Lloyd Wright, and this influence is obvious in the clean lines and bright, airy spaces inside the mausoleum. Families gather in the Chapel of Light, and their loved ones are laid to rest in the spaces they choose, whether for full casket burial or cremation memorial in glass- or granite-front niches. Inside this beautiful building, you’ll find gardens, fountains, and quiet spaces of reflection. 
  • Gardens and custom family estates are abundant in the large, welcoming memorial park. Each garden is carefully planned, and many offer breathtaking views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.   
  • Special areas of Skylawn are set aside for specific religious or cultural groups. Bai Ling Plaza, for Chinese burials, is one example. It’s a beautifully expansive area that caters to the many Chinese families who have gifted Skylawn with memorializing their legacies. 

To learn more about Skylawn or to schedule a tour, call (650) 227-3142 today or visit our photo gallery page for a virtual tour.