The men and women of America’s armed services deserve the utmost in respect and compassion, as do their families. When it’s time to think about funeral services for your loved one, you can rest assured that he or she will be given due honors. Upon your family’s request, the funeral home will coordinate the military funeral honors ceremony.

Military Honors
It is required by law for an eligible, deceased military service member to receive full military funeral honors at no charge to the family. The fallen service member’s honor guard must include at least two members of the armed services. One of those individuals must be a member of the same branch as the decedent. The funeral ceremony includes the folding and presenting of the American flag to the decedent’s spouse or other closest relative. A bugler will play “Taps” as required by tradition. If there are no buglers available, an electronic recording of “Taps” may be substituted.

Most deceased servicemembers would be considered eligible for full military honors. An eligible decedent may have been an active servicemember at the time of the death or an active member of the Selected Reserve. Eligibility is granted to former servicemembers who were honorably discharged, and to individuals who finished a minimum of one term of enlistment in the Selected Reserve, provided they were not dishonorably discharged. A discharge from the Selected Reserve because of a disability also confers eligibility, provided that disability was sustained or aggravated by being in the line of duty.

After the loss of a loved one, military families should not have to do any more than they must. Funeral home directors will handle the request for military funeral honors. A discharge document will be needed to verify eligibility.

Skylawn Memorial Park is honored to care for deceased service members and their families. We express our gratitude to military families by taking care of all the necessary details—from veterans’ benefits applications to military honors documentation.