There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to a final resting place. The cost of a custom family estate can potentially be split among several family members, making it more affordable than you might think.  So if it’s not already decided for you, and you’re looking, there are some good reasons to choose a custom family estate.

  • A custom family estate is, well, private. A dignified, peaceful, secluded place for family members to be buried together, it can offer your family solitude and solace in times of grief.
  • Landscaping may be customized. It’s not true of every cemetery and memorial park, but often, custom family estates give you more landscaping freedom than you’d have in the common areas of the park. You may be able to co-design the landscaping within their estate and include plants and flowers that have particular meaning to the individual or family (subject to the cemetery’s policies).
  • A custom family estate is part of a lasting legacy. When you choose a final resting place, you’re not just deciding where to be buried. You’re also creating a touchpoint for future generations where they can come to grieve but also to reflect, remember and heal.

Designed by San Francisco landscape architects French and Jones, Skylawn Memorial Park has been serving families in our community since 1959. Its 500 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens feature peaceful custom family estates, options for in-ground burial, above-ground burial and cremation memorialization, as well as areas set aside for specific cultural and community groups. Skylawn is also surrounded by a wildlife preserve, so it will remain an unspoiled natural wonder for generations.

If you’re looking for the perfect final resting place for yourself or a loved one, Skylawn can help. Call us at 650-227-3142 for more information or to schedule a tour. We’re happy to discuss all your options, including custom family estates.