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Skylawn gives every family in our community unique opportunities to learn, share and remember through our news & events. Each of our educational, grief support and remembrance events is designed to appeal to a wide age range — and it is our intention to enrich lives, educate minds and ease sorrows.  We invite you to check in regularly to get details about upcoming events and learning opportunities.


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    01 Jun

    Preplanning Seminars for 2018

    Why Should You Plan Ahead? Skylawn Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory offers free informational seminars as a service to our community. We conduct these seminars in a relaxed environment with a complimentary meal provided. Whether you have chosen traditional burial or cremation, this is a great way to gather information and fellowship with your

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  • Piri, Jozsef

    Piri, Jozsef

    Jozsef Piri, 73, of San Mateo, passed away on September 17, 2018. Jozsef was born in Transilvania on November 2, 1944. He graduated from Brassiai and received a high school diploma. Jozsef was married to Ilona Piri on August 31, 1966. Jozsef worked as a Mechanic Engineer in Boforce Machining for almost 27 years. He

  • Using Signature Services℠ to Honor Your Loved One

    Using Signature Services℠ to Honor Your Loved One

    When a loved one dies, it’s important to mark the passing by honoring the life that was lived. Taking the time to say goodbye allows friends and family to connect with each other and begin the healing process. If you’re in charge of planning a service for a loved one, spend a little while thinking

  • Communal Grief: When a Public Figure Dies

    Communal Grief: When a Public Figure Dies

    Recently, we’ve seen some high profile deaths in the United States. Evangelist Billy Graham passed away in February, and 13,000 people gathered for his viewing. It was unusual for a private citizen to lie in state at the Capitol, but “America’s Pastor” was so well-loved that it made sense to bestow upon him that honor. Upon former first

  • Change Your Life by Being Prepared for Death

    Change Your Life by Being Prepared for Death

    When you think about the end of your life, are you prepared? You may have a retirement plan, but more than being financially prepared for retirement, it’s important to be emotionally and psychologically prepared for death. Think about what a “good death” would look like to you, and think about the things you can control. You can’t

  • Benefits of a Private Estate

    Benefits of a Private Estate

    There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to a final resting place. The cost of a private estate can potentially be split among several family members, making it more affordable than you might think.  So if it’s not already decided for you, and you’re looking, there are some good reasons to choose a private estate. A private estate is, well,

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