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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

San Francisco began to feel crowded as it expanded toward the West at the end of the 19th century. Officials decided that it didn’t want to devote any more of its land to cemeteries. In 1898, burials were prohibited in the City Cemetery. In 1901, the Board of Supervisors prohibited burials anywhere in San Francisco. In 1912 they voted to evict all cemeteries from the City and most graves were relocated to Colma.

On October 1, 1959 local newspapers announced the opening of a new nonsectarian cemetery at the center of the peninsula. It was called Skylawn Memorial Park. The Garden of Inspiration, with pools of water representing everlasting life was to be featured near the entrance. It was designed by French and Jones, noted San Francisco landscape architects. It is located at the intersection of Highway 92 and Skyline Boulevard on the Western slope of Cahill Ridge. Initially encompassing 134 acres, plans were to expand to over 300 acres.

Architect Aaron Green designed the Mausoleum at Skylawn as well as the entry to the Jewish section for Temple Beth-El. Green was the West Coast representative of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The B.P.O.E., or the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, also known just as the Elks Club has an impressive memorial at Skylawn. It was dedicated in 1966. It is an artistic rendition of the clock shape with crypts on two levels. A star is at the 12 o’clock position, and they have room for over 980 crypts and 2,000 lawn spaces for Elks members and their immediate families. In the memorial interior, a clock shaped fountain is at the center, with hands permanently at the eleven o’clock hour. There are three internment lawn gardens representing Justice, Brother Love and Fidelity surrounding the main monument.

Skylawn also provides an area set aside for burials of members of the Fraternal Order of the Free and Accepted Masons ( F & AM) and is identified by the statue of George Washington.

In 1967 in response to the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno being closed Skylawn made it clear that it would set aside special areas for veterans. The “Winged Victory of Samothrace” is present in this area and overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Special areas of the cemetery have been set aside for Chinese burials and are filled with symbolism. Each garden is laid out according to careful plans; mountains and water are essential elements in keeping the natural landscape pleasing to the eye. Buildings, in the form of terraces and pavilions, are to unify the scenery and provide focal points from which to enjoy it. The triple gate at the top of Bai Ling Yuan II Plaza offers the perfect orientation to gaze down the canyon to the ocean.

Our Valued Staff

Brian Kestenblatt

Brian Kestenblatt, General Manager

Gregory  Lim

Gregory Lim, Sales Manager

Nickol  Ladd

Nickol Ladd, Mortuary Location Manager

Angelina Vargas

Angelina Vargas, Office Manager

Jeffery Kunkel

Jeffery Kunkel, Cemetery Superintendent

Wai Nai Tang

Wai Nai Tang, Office Manager San Francisco Center

Kim Rifredi

Kim Rifredi, Embalming Operations Manager

Clifford Yee

Clifford Yee, Director of Asian Affairs

Dave Montgomery

Dave Montgomery, VP of Cemetery Development and Memorialization

Cindy  Naras

Cindy Naras, Funeral Director

Endeliza  Huerta

Endeliza Huerta, Funeral Director Intern

Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin, Family Service Supervisor

Steven  Wong

Steven Wong, Family Service Supervisor

Alexandra Chik

Alexandra Chik, Family Service Counselor

Michael  DeWilde

Michael DeWilde, Family Service Counselor

Stephen Estrada

Stephen Estrada, Family Service Counselor

Kenny  Pun

Kenny Pun, Family Service Counselor

Mary  Soubirous

Mary Soubirous, Family Service Counselor

John Hui

John Hui, Family Service Counselor

Michael Thress

Michael Thress, Family Service Counselor

Angela  Ung

Angela Ung, Family Service Counselor

Anita Wong

Anita Wong, Famliy Service Counselor

Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong, Family Service Counselor

Tabitha Wong

Tabitha Wong, Family Service Counselor

Venetia Young

Venetia Young, Family Service Counselor

Cindy Liao

Cindy Liao, Family Service Counselor

Gilbert Rodrigues-Gallardo

Gilbert Rodrigues-Gallardo, Family Service Counselor

April Brillo

April Brillo, Staff Associate

Maria Jacobo

Maria Jacobo, Community Service Counselor

Marcy A Ainsworth

Marcy A Ainsworth, Receptionist

Angela Shafer

Angela Shafer, Community Service Counselor

Leticia  Pizziconi

Leticia Pizziconi, Community Service Supervisor

Kevin  Lam

Kevin Lam, Community Service Counselor

Marilyn Cepriano

Marilyn Cepriano, Community Service Counselor

Kristen Cepriano

Kristen Cepriano, Community Service Counselor

Alexander Zentino

Alexander Zentino, Community Service Counselor

Lorrie  Mikkelsen

Lorrie Mikkelsen, Community Service Counselor

Philip  Co

Philip Co, Community Service Supervisor

David  Huang

David Huang, Community Service Counselor

Crystal  Tjon

Crystal Tjon, Community Service Counselor

Amy  Lau

Amy Lau, Community Service Counselor

Brutus  Lo

Brutus Lo, Community Service Counselor

Ching Chee Anna Pun

Ching Chee Anna Pun, Community Service Counselor

Cecilia  Soo

Cecilia Soo, Community Service Counselor

Rick  Huang

Rick Huang, Community Service Counselor

Eric  Tjon

Eric Tjon, Community Service Counselor

Arthelia Aviles

Arthelia Aviles, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Mollie Fagan

Mollie Fagan, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Susanne Shahin

Susanne Shahin, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Lai Fun Heung

Lai Fun Heung, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Denita Lambert

Denita Lambert, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Esther Simpson

Esther Simpson, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Martha Quintanilla

Martha Quintanilla, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

James Belamide

James Belamide, Staff Associate

Ron Mikkelsen

Ron Mikkelsen, Staff Associate

Nina Guizar

Nina Guizar, Staff Associate

Fiona Norte

Fiona Norte, Staff Associate

Karen Teson

Karen Teson, Receptionist

Stephanie Olano

Stephanie Olano, Receptionist

Amy Marion Shea

Amy Marion Shea, Floral Designer

Alejandro Avelar

Alejandro Avelar, Cemetery Caretaker

Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez, Cemetery Caretaker

Candelario Ruiz

Candelario Ruiz, Cemetery Caretaker

Joel Strube

Joel Strube, Cemetery Caretaker

Francisco Velazquez

Francisco Velazquez, Cemetery Caretaker

Alejandro Jara

Alejandro Jara, Cemetery Caretaker

Frank Loera

Frank Loera, Cemetery Caretaker

Jose Castro

Jose Castro, Cemetery Caretaker

Semisi Fonua

Semisi Fonua, Cemetery Caretaker

Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez, Cemetery Caretaker